We arrived at the staging location about 20 minutes early, and once again there was already a group of riders and cages waiting. After such a long day of missions it was great to see that 12 hours after the first mission everyone was still energized and ready to greet and thank another Warrior!!

Since the final destination was so close to the station, we hung out for a bit and chatted. Thank you Bob and Cheryl for bringing the wonderful poster sized picture of the escort from the Woodstock Deployment. We all signed it and I know the unit will be thrilled to receive such a fantastic momento to show the support they have here back at home.

We were ready to go. It was less than a 5 minute drive to the house, okay maybe 2 minutes 🙂 We circle the cul de sac once and stopped in front of our Warriors home.. Family and friends were gathered and we were able to thank all of them as well as SGT. Parison’s son Eddy.

SGT. Parison seemed very appreciative of our visit and we know that this is what it is all about. Showing the troops we care and support them.

We thanked and hugged Sgt. Parison and presented him with a WWR Honor coin.