Ride Report posted for Spike

At our staginging area,we were met by 2 PD Motors,they escorted us to the Families Home.Shen’s 3 cousins and auant rode on the bikes,Shane’s Mom Nina,was in a family car,The 2 PD motors Escorted all of us to the community park.We rolled right onto the sidewalk and parked.There were over 100+ family & community there.As well as VFW,Marine Corps League,USMC,American Legion,Operation SAM,Pleasanton Military Families,FD,PD.

Shene’s Recruiter was there speaking on how shane loved the Marines.Stories were told,guitars played,3 Volleys were fired,Taps and the Flag presentation.We then waited for the family to finish their greetings with family and Dignitaries.Congressman McNerny was also on hand.We then escorted the Family and Shane back to their Home.After we parked the riders rendered their own private Salute.We also stayed for a short bit to visit with family and freinds.Farewell Little Brother Farewell.