Ride Report posted for Road Captain in Charge, Grease:

We welcomed home Marine Eric Gunlefinger today 30 Aug. Eric is a 2 tour Iraq Marine whom has completed his service to our country.

Goldwing picked him up and brought him to our rally point at the Engine 69 firehouse. We then took him the 3 to 4 miles to his family home in Folsom,Pa. Where we were greeted by family and friends to welcome him home from service.

We had around 30 bikes and 5 cages,very impressive turnout. Thanks to the new people for coming out, hope to see ya again. Thanks to all the old timers for turning out. Thank you Goldwing & Wings for picking up our “package”. Thank you to the road guards for keeping our procession safe (Bobcat,GentleBen,Ducttape,Doc). Thank you to Shooter,Cav,Sean & Tom for the great pictures. Thanks to all the Delaware, Maryland & New Jersey riders for riding on such a short mission. And Thanks Ben for the prayers. God Bless You All!