Ride Report posted for Spike

We rolled over to the hotel where the guys were staying, some folks from the CDA were there waiting. “California Deer Association” were doing alot of the sponsering for this weekends hunt. The guys showed up and we had a chance to chat before we took them up to the ranch.

The founder , Lt. Col Hammack gave us a brief overview of this program, We met Kevin , Ryan, Austin and chatted, they were really excited about the Escort, the hunt. The CDA rolled up with a truck & trailer, on the trailer was a custom built jeep, designed to carry a wheel chair.

Well, after the meet & greet we headed up to the ranch with 15 bikes. When we got up to ROA Ranch, we were greeted by 20-30 folks from differant organizations and neighbors. Robert Roa was a great host. We set up a Flag line and a young Lady stood in the middle and sang the National Anthem.

The guys were in total shock. This program is in Georgia as well. its purpose is bring wounded warriors to a place to have fun & relax. This weekends hunt was for Blacktail Deer.