Ride Report posted for Spike

We met at Bob Dron Harley right on time. Mom & Dad ( George & Jane) stopped by to say hi and thanks to the riders. And give a little intel on Andy. They headed over to the airport to meet Andy’s fiance’ (Jen).

We rolled out shortly after with 22 bikes. We parked in our normal spot , provided by TSA & Alameda Sheriffs Dept. We got into the terminal and setup our Flag line, Andy tried to be “James Bond” Black ball cap & Dark Glasses, but Dad spotted him for us.Jen had no idea we were coming either. Well ,the family was all hugs with Andy,we hugged him and very fast, said good-bye. Well,he did’nt know we had a 2nd staging for the Escort home.

Down the street on the shoulder, we had 11 bikes up front, lead by 2 Flag bikes,  a huge space for 3 cages and the other 11 bikes with 4 Tailgunners. We stood by and waited for the family to come out. The family knew where to meet us ,all but Andy.  Well,they got there and Andy was blown away. We headed onto the freeway , and surprise “No Traffic”. It was a nice cruise 65 mph. We rolled onto his street and we were met with approx 50-60 friends, neighbors, patriots.

Thanks to VFW,Pleasanton military Families, American Legion, Operation SAM, WWR,  and PGR as well.